Friday, October 17, 2008

New Codes for Artscow

I have been given some new codes for Artscow. With these codes, all you do is sign up and you will get lots of freebies and a discounted 30 page photobook for 11.99 plau free shipping! It is a great deal! Here are the newest codes.......use them and enjoy! Just enter the code letters/numbers at checkout and your photobook will be 11.99 TOTAL no shipping.









Monday, October 13, 2008

Buzi Bugs

Since I found Lorie Davison designs I can't seem to gt enough LOL. Maybe it's the kid in me. Here is my latest fantasy world LO of my granddaughter........the kit used is Buzi Bugs Birhtday by Lorie Davison

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is tomorrow Monday already?

I don't know why weekends always seem to hurry by. Here it is Sunday night already and tomorrow it is back to work. Not sure why I am dreading it, as I was off all last week sick, you would think I'd be ready to go back. NOT! I did get to play this weekend, I did three fantasy layouts of my grand daughter. and I got my Halloween decorations here are some of what I Did this weekend.
This page was done using Faerily Moonlit by Lorie Davison and elements from the kit Avalon by Valerie Randall. Love both of these designers!

This layout was done using a background from Blushbutter's Unicorn Kit, elements from Faerily Moonlit by Lorie Davison, elements from Avalon by Valerie Randall, and Scenery Trees by Christina Renee.

And this is one of my decorating ideas LOL, I took some family photos of Halloween past, printed them in black and white, put them in black frames that I had spritzed with orange paint, put some little tombstone here and there, finished it with a black candlelabra, complete with blood dripping candles and spiderwebbed the entire thing. Voila!! Halloween!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sick Day....

I have a bug, a terrible head stuffy, upset stomach, achy, fever, yucky bug. SO I stayed home today. I slept most of the day, but I managed to get more of my book done and uploaded to Artscow. Pam, at Digitreats was wonderful enough to host this exchange and I was amazed at the great recipes. I am going to print them in a book for myself, and maybe as gifts.

I made a 6 card template, and put 6 cards to a page, and I made two 30 page books. The total price was $16.98! For two books!!! I love Artscow.

If any of you are interested here is the link to sign up and receive free stuff to start: Artscow
And if you go to the previous post that I made, there are coupons good for photobooks that you use AT CHECKOUT. Here are some shots of the book I was working on:

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Recipe exchange

The first day of October....WOW. Before we know it, the holidays will be here. I am already working on gifts. I just went to get my nightly download from Pam at Digitreats. She put together a recipe exchange for her fans, complete with a recipe card template and category tags etc. It is amazing, she said she received over 300 recipes!!! I can not wait to get them! I think I will have Artscow print them, but I can't decide if I want cards, or to have them put in a book. Anyway, I posted the info on Pam's blog, so if anyone has come here for more info on Artscow, here is the reference link: Artscow.

If you join you will receive at least 400 free prints plus other things. Below I have listed coupon codes that are good until October 11. YOu will put the code in AT CHECKOUT and the total price for your 30 page book will be 11.99. To see examples of the books I have had done....scroll down and view my post about the books.

Use any of these codes.


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