Monday, May 5, 2008

Faerie Festival

Yesterday, my daughter, grand daughter and I went to a festival in a nearby borough. A Faerie Festival! (This is how a true Faerie spells it!) A Faerie Festival is held to celebrate the beginning of Spring and the return of all the Nature Spirits to the warm world. The theme goes back to the ancient times where festivals were held on the first day of May with great rejoicing at the return of the earth's abundance in spring and the impending bounty of summer. This was a new experience for us both, a mystical, magical experience filled with fantasy and adventure. We had never gone to anything like this, nor did we have an idea what to expect. Let me just say, it was truly an adventure.

We had to park about 1/2 mile from the entrance and walk, through the fields and wooded area to get to the admission gate. Right inside the gate was a "character". that I am sure represented something in the faerie world, he was covered totally with leaves, and was in a small creek, playing in the water, and rubbing mud on his arms. He was quite interesting.
Throughout the day we saw good faeries and dark faeries. Gnomes, elves, and so many other wee folk. We also saw some not so wee folk, who really should not have been in faerie costume, or should I say they were more out than in?? You know the type LOL.

It was a grand occasion and we really had fun, on the way we planned our costume for next year, I Have decided I Just HAVE to have the pointed ears!!!

At the Entrance, maybe he is a troll?

Charming couple.

Charming, love the ears!

Cute little musical faerie.

I plan to do some layouts with the photos I took so I will add those later. I took so many photos hoping that some would be suitable for layouts. I think I have quite a few that will be lovely. I know Blushbutter has a kit perfect for them, will share as soon as I have time to do a few.

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blushbutter said...

fantastic photos, green with envy here! I love your pages and I'm so happy you set up a blog - woohoo!!
Your going to love blogging!

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